BTS’s V Reveals His New Hobby, And It Screams, “Intellectuals Only”

He told fans all about it in new Tokopedia interview.

This summer, BTS‘s members are using their downtime to continue their education, boost their brainpower, and improve their language skills.

RM recently studied to take the TOEICJungkook is taking online English classes, and Suga is doing calculus to relieve stress. has also added a new intellectual activity to his list of hobbies.    

| Tokopedia/Tokopedia Play

He told fans all about it on July 29, when BTS appeared on Waktu Indonesia Belanja for Tokopedia to perform songs and answer questions in an exclusive interview.

When asked if he has any new hobbies, V said, “These days, I’m taking online lectures. English. I applied for the online lectures, so I got the textbooks by mail.”

“I’m trying to spend one hour a day to take those online lectures. Not consistently. It’s only been two days.”

V’s cheerleaders, aka Jin and Jimin, were quick to compliment his progress. They said, “If you did it for two days, that’s consistent.”

V’s study sessions are just getting started, but here’s hoping that he’ll update fans on his progress!