Tom Holland And Son Heung Min Bond Over Their Mutual For Love BTS

Fanboys meeting fanboys!

Recently, Spider-Man himself Tom Holland confessed he’s a fan of BTS! Now, he is truly cementing his ARMY status.

Tom Holland

Along with his Spider-Man: No Way Home co-star (and IRL girlfriend) Zendaya, he met world-famous South Korean footballer Son Heung Min. Holland is a fan of foreign soccer (football), so this meeting was especially wholesome. 

Son Heung Min is a forward for the Premier League Club Tottenham Hotspur and the South Korea National Team captain. Not only that be is actually a fan of Spider-Man, so you could say he and Holland are fans of one another!

Son Heung Min | @Spurs_KR/Twitter

Son Heung Min and Tom Holland were able to bond over not only football and Spider-Man but their mutual love for BTS! As they posed for a photo, they both struck iconic poses. The athlete did Spidey’s signature web-shooting gesture while Holland appeared to be doing part of BTS Jimin‘s choreography for the solo “Filter!”

Son Heung Min is a huge ARMY and has been very outspoken about his admiration for the group. So, many believe that the athlete will often do this part of the “Filter” choreography and Spider-Man’s signature web-shooting pose as a true fanboy. The fact that his number is even 7, we love it!

Tottenham Hotspur’s official account often tweets photos of Son Heung Min doing the “Filter” pose that the athlete has become known for. Sometimes, the account even includes references to Jimin’s song!

| @Spurs_KR/Twitter
| @Spurs_KR/Twitter

Since Son Heung Min often does this pose (sometimes, even including his teammates), his Instagram feed is filled with photos of him doing it. Even his profile picture is one of these shots!

And, of course, we can’t forget the Spidey pose too. The hype for No Way Home has been real!

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Source: @hm_son7

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