It Took Him 14 Years, But Lee Sang Min Has Finally Repaid All $6 Million Of His Debt

He is finally debt-free.

Popular television personality Lee Sang Min has just revealed that he finally finished paying off his debt, and that his finances are finally positive.

On November 11, Lee Sang Min guested on fellow Knowing Bros cast member Kim Young Chul‘s radio show Power FM, where he talked about his past debts and current financial status.

Lee Sang Min revealed that he is still using the same bank account that he had when he went into ₩6.9 billion KRW ($5,944,406 USD at current exchange rate) in debt, following the massive failure of his restaurant business.

There are no restrictions on my bank account now. I can now even open a new bank account.

But I haven’t made a new one, I’m still using the same one from the past.

— Lee Sang Min

He then revealed that earlier this year, he finally finished paying off all of his debt, and what it means to him to have the burden off his shoulders.

My finances turned into the positives this year. Even right now, it feels like a dream.

My goal for the past years has been the same. I just want to move forwards like I am now. It’s hard to live life in the same way, without any change. I don’t want to be arrogant, I don’t want to rush things, I don’t want to be greedy, I don’t wish for more, I just want to maintain my current ways.

— Lee Sang Min

Following his reveal, Lee Sang Min quickly shot up to the top of the realtime search charts, and joked that his fans get worried every time he ranks high. Kim Young Chul laughed it off, saying how this time, it’s for good news, not bad news.

Source: Sports Donga