T.O.P Surprises Fans with a Photo of Himself Smoking with GD

Fans are wondering if this is becoming a trend.

BIGBANG‘s T.O.P just uploaded a selfie of himself with G-Dragon, and it’s gaining overwhelming attention because they’re both seen smoking in the photo.

The photo shows both T.O.P and G-Dragon standing out on the streets with cigarettes in their mouths.

On top of showing off their great chemistry as friends, they also caused a stir by uploading a smoking selfie shortly after Ji Chang Wook‘s “sexy smoking video.

But while many fans were unaware that Ji Chang Wook smoked, it’s a different case for T.O.P and G-Dragon.

G-Dragon shared some other photos of himself smoking earlier this month…

And it wasn’t long ago that T.O.P posted a smoking photo as well.

But this upload did make fans wonder if taking selfies while smoking will become a new trend.

Some of the fans’ comments include “Is it a trend among celebrities to upload smoking selfies these days?“, and “Celebrities have a thing for posting photos of themselves smoking nowadays“.

Source: Dispatch