TOP MEDIA Confirms UP10TION’s Kogyeol Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Another UP10TION member is positive.

TOP MEDIA has just confirmed that there is another positive Coronavirus case within UP10TION, as Kogyeol has also tested positive for the virus.

According to TOP MEDIA’s official statement released today, they have let fans know about the status of all of the UP10TION members who were promoting at the time, and their future plans.

Hello, this is TOP MEDIA.

On November 30, UP10TION’s Bitto tested positive so a Coronavirus test was conducted on all of those involved as a possible close contact, including our UP10TION members, company employees, and staff members, as well as artists who were at risk of secondary contact if their movements and paths overlapped, even if they were not direct contacts.

On December 1, the test results showed member Kogyeol tested positive while members Kuhn, Gyujin, Hwanhee, Sunyoul, and Xiao tested negative. Although their results were negative, the UP10TION members and their managers, who are considered close contacts, will be in self-quarantine for two weeks.

In addition, UP10TION’s stylists, hair, and makeup teams all tested negative, and our employees, staff, and other artists who were tested all resulted as negative. However, there are currently two staff members whose results are not yet confirmed, so we will conduct follow-up measures and further movement tracking as soon as possible.

As Kogyeol tested positive, he will follow the quarantine guidelines set by the health authorities. Once again, we will re-investigate whether there were any staff members who were at risk of infection, thoroughly take preventative measures according to guidelines, and do our best to manage Covid-19 health control and our artists’ lives.

We are sorry for causing concern.


Yesterday, UP10TION’s Bitto tested positive for the Coronavirus as he was a close contact of a positive case. He was notified only after performing on SBS Inkigayo, leading to many artists who appeared on either Inkigayo or MBC Music Core the day before to getting tested.