Tom Cruise And Co-Stars Of “Top Gun: Maverick” Slay The “K-Pop Idol Ending Pose” At Their Red Carpet Event In Korea

👋 Annyeonghaseyo, TOPGUNZ-imnida! 😎🛩️

On June 19 (KST), American actors Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Glen Powell, Jay Ellis, Greg Tarzan Davis, and American filmmaker Jerry Bruckheimer attended the red carpet event for the June 22 release of Top Gun: Maverick in South Korea.

Tom Cruise at the “Top Gun: Maverick” red carpet event in Korea.

And in celebration of the release, as well as in appreciation of the visit, the event organizers presented the Top Gun: Maverick cast with some unique gifts!

As soon as they opened the gift boxes and found Asiha brand’s “gonryongpo” (or “Dragon Robe”) style bomber jackets inside, the cast wowed with excitement.

It’s stunning. It’s absolutely beautiful.

— Tom Cruise

gonryongpo is a traditional attire worn by royal kings of the ancient Korean dynasties, though the design of this hanbok is rather familiar to international fans as well, thanks to historic K-Dramas.

The cast tried on their gifts—the filmmaker in red, Tom Cruise in blue, and the co-stars in white—and even posed in what Miles Teller called a “K-Pop idol” pose.

Miles Teller: We’re the newest K-Pop band.

Park Kyung Lim (Host): You’re now looking at their K-Pop “ending pose.”

Park Kyung Lim: TeamTopGun, everyone!

Seeing the gifts, Koreans praised the event organizers for putting together something so unique and thoughtful…

| theqoo
  • “The jackets are really cute. What a great gift!”
  • “They look great. Those are such thoughtful gifts.”
  • “Wow, no wonder these are movie stars. They pull off those bombers like models.”
  • “How smart!”
  • “Whoa, I want one, too! This is such a clever gift idea.”
  • “[Jay Ellis] looks really good in the white jacket.”
  • “What a great idea!”
  • “The jackets are gorgeous and the stars are too cute.”
  • “Nice.”
  • “OMG, I always thought these jackets are cute. I did not expect to see them wearing it though.”
  • “What a thoughtful gift. I would’ve been super excited to receive one, too.”
  • “Such a nice gift. Watching them [in the jackets] make me happy.”
  • “Whaat! Dope. I want one, too.”
  • “Kudos to the event organizer for picking great gifts.”
  • “K-Pop ending, LOL.”

…and complimented how good the movie stars look in the gonryongpo bombers!

Watch the rookie group TOPGUNZ’s gonryongpo unboxing here.

Source: theqoo

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