“Train To Busan” Actress Jung Yu Mi Reveals Herself As A Big BTS Jin Fan

She has the RJ plushie!

BTS has taken over the world and to prove it, they have added another actress onto their list of fans.

Actress Jung Yu Mi | Cosmopolitan

Actress Jung Yu Mi from Train to Busan has recently been making headlines for being a BTS fan! While she may not have verbally declared her love for the boy group, she showed her love in a different way. She uploaded a photo onto her Instagram story and ARMYs quickly noticed a very familiar plushie.

With the caption, “it’s still so cold,” the actress uploaded this adorable photo featuring BT21’s very own, RJ!

| @_jungyumi/Instagram

BT21’s RJ is an alpaca plushie created by the one and only, Mr. Worldwide Handsome. The inspiration behind this plushie was the BTS member himself because according to the other members, Jin resembles an alpaca when he eats.

Jin has been photographed with the plushie himself, numerous times.

This isn’t the first time the gorgeous actress was seen with the plushie. In a now deleted Instagram post, Jung Yu Mi was previously seen posing with the alpaca in this adorable photo.

| @_jungyumi/Instagram

Her love for BTS’s Jin doesn’t end here. The actress was previously captured in a fun, colorful beanie on an episode of tvN‘s Youn’s Stay. While in normal circumstances, this beanie would have been just another average beanie, but not in this story. The knit headwear seen on Jung Yu Mi was previously worn by…

Actress Jung Yu Mi with Jin’s beanie | tvN

…yup, you guessed it, Jin! The BTS member wore this very beanie for the group’s 2021 Winter Package photos.

BTS’s Jin | Big Hit Entertainment

The list of celebrity ARMYs is continuing to grow and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon. Welcome to the fandom, Jung Yu Mi!

Source: IMDb