Here Are All The Rumored Trainees To Participate In HYBE And BELIFT LAB’s New Survival Reality Show

One of them almost debuted in NewJeans.

It was previously reported that HYBE and BELIFT LAB would be setting up a new audition survival reality show to debut a new girl group.

One of the trainees rumored to compete on the show, Minju, has already gained attention for her stunning visuals.

Rumored Contestant On HYBE And BELIFT LAB’s New Reality Show Is Gaining Attention For Her Visuals

Here are the three trainees that have been rumored to be on the show so far.

1. Jiwoo

She’s rumored to be born in 2001. Netizens are still unsure about her last name, but suggest that it is either Son or Park.

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2. Lee Youngseo

Born in 2005, she has been a trainee under the label for some time. It was said that she was in the debut team for NewJeans under ADOR, and had entered the company ever since Min Hee Jin began planning for the group. Netizens claim she lived with NewJeans in a dorm for around one year but did not make the cut in the end.

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3. Park Minju

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As mentioned earlier, she has already been going viral for her visuals. Park Minju is said to have trained at YG Entertainment before moving companies to HYBE.

We can’t wait to see the other contestants on the show! The first episode airs June 30, 2023 at 8.50 pm KST.


Source: Instiz
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