TREASURE Celebrate Their First Ever Music Show Win — By Giving Fans All The Credit

A well-deserved win that will be the first of many!

TREASURE have earned their first music show win with “JIKJIN” on MBC M‘s Show Champion—but they are celebrating by giving fans all the credit!

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The members celebrated by giving their heartfelt thanks to their fans in their winning speech…

…and also posted messages on social media giving fans all the credit for their victory and promising to work harder in the future. Haruto tweeted an excited message of thanks and appreciation, claiming that this award was thanks to the fans…

Treasure Makers! We took 1st place!! Thank you so much!!
I think this award is thanks Treasure Makers! Thank you very much and I will work hard in the future! Thank you!

— Haruto

While Hyunsuk‘s message was a little more emotional, saying that he is able to have the dreams he has because of Teumes, and promising to give back more than what he and the members get.

Doyoung also made sure to thank fans by posting on Weverse and giving them all the credit (and joking about how heavy the trophy is)!

All the members have made sure to show their appreciation for their fans, making it clear that they feel the win is thanks to Teumes and all their support. And, in turn, fans have also been celebrating by trending different hashtags on Twitter, including #TREASURE1stWin and #JIKJIN1stWin…

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…as well as several others.

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This is a special moment for the members of TREASURE, and fans simply couldn’t be more proud.

After all, the members put a lot of work into this comeback! They more than lived up to the hefty price tag on the music video for “JIKJIN,” which reportedly cost YG Entertainment ₩500 Million KRW.


However, this is only the beginning for TREASURE. Congratulations to the members and to Teumes for their first (well-deserved) win! This will surely be the first of many.


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