TREASURE’s Jeongwoo, Doyoung, and Jaehyuk’s Love Triangle Has A Plot-Twist Ending

“I just have to be with him. That makes me happy.”

In TREASURE‘s new web drama, It’s Okay, That’s Friendship, Jaehyuk found himself in the middle of a friendship love triangle with Jeongwoo and Doyoung.

After befriending Jeongwoo over banana milk, he meets Doyoung and introduces himself as the class president.

Later, Jeongwoo comes to surprise Jaehyuk with his favorite drink…

…but when he enters, he sees his best friend hanging out with the new student!


He leaves heartbroken…

…but it doesn’t take long for Jaehyuk to come running after his best friend and assure him he’s the only one!

Other than me, don’t call anyone by their first name.

— Jeongwoo

It turns out Jaehyuk was loyal to his best friend from the beginning!

I just have to be with Jeongwoo. That makes me happy.

— Jaehyuk

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