YG Entertainment Under Fire For Photoshopping TREASURE’s Yedam And Mashiho Out Of Group Photos

“They are still part of TREASURE so why would you exclude them?”

After announcing TREASURE‘s Yedam and Mashiho will be taking a temporary hiatus, YG Entertainment is under fire for allegedly removing them from group photos.

TREASURE’s Yedam and Mashiho | @treasuremaker/Twitter

The photos took place during TREASURE’s 2021 Summer Camp where all 12 members were originally present in photos and video content, as shown below.

One of the photos uploaded to Weverse shows Jihoon, Doyoung, Junghwan, and Haruto. However, upon closer look, the blurry space between them shows evidence of photoshopping. Similarly, the string from the tent seemingly vanishes.

Below Jihoon’s leg, an extra sneaker can be seen, leaving evidence behind of one of the photoshopped members.

Upset with the altered photo, fans believe it creates a false narrative that erases the member from the group entirely, despite only taking temporary hiatus.

On social media, fans demanding for an explanation from the entertainment company as well as showing their support for the two members.

YG Entertainment has yet to respond.