TREASURE’s Yedam Was Asked To Choose Between His Mom And Fans, And His Answer Impressed Everyone

One thing’s for sure: he’s the sweetest!

TREASURE recently made their comeback with “JIKJIN,” the title track of their album The Second Step: Chapter One. Among their early promotions was a “this or that” interview with Joo Hyun Young where Yedam, Asahi, Haruto, and Jeongwoo had to pick between two extreme options.

Joo Hyun Young, Yedam, Asahi, Haruto, Jeongwoo | TREASURE/YouTube

One of them in particular made everyone gasp: “If [your mom or TREASURE Makers] fell into the ocean, who would you save first?”


The host asked Yedam to announce his answer, and it showed how well he was raised by his parents.

Yedam: My mom.

Joo Hyun Young: What a good son you are!

Yedam explained that he owes many things to his mother which is why he’d save her even in a hypothetical scenario. For one, she was the person who jumpstarted his interest in instruments and music in general.

If it wasn’t for my mom, I wouldn’t be here.

— Yedam

Yedam’s mother is a talented singer who sang many commercial soundtracks and K-Drama OSTs in the past. She was also highly supportive of his music career from childhood until present.

Yedam’s parents in YG Treasure Box

His fellow members found his answer as cool as him and Joo Hyun Young also commented, “It had such a deep meaning!”

Yedam, of course, still didn’t forget to show his love for his fans. He made sure to give them safety tips so that the “this or that” scenario would never become reality.

TREASURE Makers, I hope you never fall into water. Please follow safety rules and make sure to warm up. If you do so, I don’t think you’ll be in danger.

—  Yedam

Fans supported his answer wholeheartedly online, commending his filial piety and manners.

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube