TREASURE Names YG “Sunbae” BLACKPINK As Their Number One Driving Force

TREASURE wants to become just like BLACKPINK.

YG Entertainment‘s TREASURE has just released their debut song, “BOY”, and in commemoration of the huge milestone, the rookie boy group held a press conference where they talked about what their “sunbae”, BLACKPINK means to them.

During the press conference, Bang Yedam revealed what BLACKPINK means to the new rookie boy group.

Our BLACKPINK ‘sunbaes’ are really admirable, and they’re also our pride.

— Bang Yedam

YG Entertainment “How You Like That”

Bang Yedam went on to confess that TREASURE aspires to become just like BLACKPINK, and that that’s what drove them to work harder before their debut.

They became our driving force that motivated us to work even harder for our debut. We also want to be a group that brings joy to fans all around the world.

— Bang Yedam



And as if that’s not enough Bang Yedam added that BLACKPINK is always cheering them on.

Our BLACKPINK ‘sunbaes’ are always cheering us on through our teachers.

— Bang Yedam


TREASURE is the first new group to debut after BLACKPINK, and they are also YG Entertainment’s fourth boyo group following BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON.

Check out their new debut MV, “BOY” below:

Source: Insight