“True Beauty” Webtoon Ratings Dropped Despite Author Yaongyi Denying Tax Evasion Allegations

Netizens are not convinced.

Recently, Yonhap News TV reported that a popular webtoon writer was under investigation for not paying her taxes. Though the report didn’t name the author, the blurred picture that it included made it evident that it was Yaongyi, the author of the popular webtoon True Beauty.

“True Beauty” Author Yaongyi Is Hit With Tax Evasion Allegations

Netizens were immediately upset with the news, urging the author to confirm if it was indeed her in the reports. But while the explanation came, the ratings of the most recent chapter of True Beauty started sinking as more and more people started to believe that Yaongyi had indeed attempted tax evasion. The ratings ended up dropping from 9 to 6 within hours.

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The author took to her Instagram to explain her stand on the issue on February 11. In a long post, she stated that she had been investigated by the National Tax Service and co-operated with the authorities with honesty. She came clean that some of her taxes were not handled properly and took responsibility for her mistake. But she denied the main accusation that she had used her corporate funds and vehicle for personal use.

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Since then, the ratings of True Beauty have recovered, but netizens are still not convinced of her innocence. The topic has become a popular discussion point on Korean forums, and most people are questioning why her company even needs a supercar in the first place.

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  • “I’ve only ever been an employee all my life, so I don’t about these things that much. But can anyone tell me why a CEO would need a supercar for business use??? Because from my end, I don’t see any.”
  • “One of the four responsibilities as a citizen of this country is to pay your taxes. The rest of us employees and small business owners make sure to abide by all tax dates, but it’s always the chaebols and influencers who are committing tax evasion like this. Why do they think they’re above the law?”
  • “The fact that she took down pictures of her supercar the moment this scandal broke out means that she’s aware that she’s in the wrong. What company would use a supercar for business use? Her clarification makes no sense at all, and it just feels like an attempt at trying to trick the public.”
  • “Even a car like Maybach would be justifiable for business purposes such as for events because of its ride quality. I’m definitely curious as to why her business needs a Ferrari for corporate use…most of our highways are too traffic jammed for a sportscar even to speed down.”
Source: Wikitree