“True Beauty” Webtoon Artist Yaongyi Shows Off Her Insanely Expensive Luxury Car

Now, this is a serious flex 😳

True Beauty recently became a mega-hit after the K-Drama adaption soared to popularity earlier this year. With the massive success of both the webtoon and the series, the artist Yaongyi, has also experienced incredible popularity. From her storyline, to her artistry, to her beauty — they have all become ongoing headline worthy topics.

“True Beauty” webtoon artist Yaongyi | @meow91__/Instagram

In the most recent news regarding Yaongyi, the webtoon artist started to make headlines once again but this time, it was because of her luxury car. The talented artist uploaded a series of photos onto her Instagram page and while she usually receives attention for her posts, this particular upload began to garner hot attention for her lavish car that was captured in the background of her pictures.

| @meow91__/Instagram

The gorgeous webtoon artist posed in front of her gorgeous car, which turned out to be a Ferarri Roma!

| @meow91__/Instagram

Upon further investigation, it was quickly revealed that Yaongyi’s car has a hefty price tag of ₩320 million KRW (about $275,000 USD). Holy moly that is an expensive car!

| @meow91__/Instagram

She deserves to treat herself to such a vehicle, especially with the massive success of True Beauty. We love a hardworking, successful, and independent queen!

Source: Insight
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