Famed Designer Dispels Any Remaining Doubt Regarding The Ridiculous Drug Abuse Allegations Involving BLACKPINK’s Rosé

Here’s what it actually is.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé was recently swept up in ridiculous drug abuse accusations. YG Entertainment firmly denied the rumors and pursued legal action.

We are pursuing legal action against those that violate our artists’ rights and privacy. We are currently monitoring and watching those who created and are spreading rumors. We will not settle and will respond strongly.

— YG Entertainment

The rumors began after a designer, Riccardo Tisci, posted a photo of an intimate gathering. Amongst the attendees were celebrities such as Rosé and actor Kang Dong Won. Rumor-mongers had circled in on a small tray near the left of the table and alleged that there had been drug abuse going on at the house party.

Following the rumors, Riccardo swiftly deleted his post so as to prevent further damage to those in the photo. Around a week after the rumors, Riccardo updated his Instagram story on April 19, 2023, with a quick explanation. He let the photos do the talking, captioning his updates with a brief “FYI.”

The origin of the item. | @riccardotisci17/Instagram

The tray in question was actually an interior prop item. It was a luxury ashtray art piece. He included a photo of the product shot and a zoomed-in cut of the original photo that sparked the rumors.

The ashtray in the photo. | @riccardotisci17/Instagram

With his succinct but sure clarification, hopefully any further disbelief will be squelched.


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