2nd Generation Idol Shocks Everyone With His Amazing Alcohol Tolerance

Here’s the full story of how he drank 97 bottles of soju.

On a recent episode of UHMG’s Jae’s Friends, 2nd generation idol former TVXQ!’s Kim Jaejoong revealed his shocking alcohol tolerance.

As he sat down to chicken stew with singer Jung Yeob, they began talking about each other’s alcohol tolerance. Jung Yeob shared that he has only been drinking beer recently, instead of soju.

Soju, being one of South Korea’s representative alcoholic spirits, is what people use to measure their alcohol tolerance usually. While Jaejoong isn’t sure about his tolerance currently, during his peak drinking days, he once drank 97 bottles of soju in total!

He once went to Busan for the Busan International Film Festival. Although Jaejoong did not specify when this incident was, a quick search shows that he attended in both 2012 and 2019. During his trip there, he drank 7 bottles at the city of Gijang first, before they moved to Haundae for a second round. There, they drank three crates of soju, at a total of 90 bottles! That’s already 97 bottles of soju.

Later on, Jaejoong went back to his lodgings and discovered a bottle of whiskey, and a bottle of Bokbunja (raspberry liquor) in the fridge. He finished the two and finally went to sleep.

Jaejoong did not mention how many people were in his party, or if he downed the lot himself, but 97 bottles amongst a group is also no easy feat. He’s probably unrivalled in alcohol tolerance at this point!


Source: UHMG