TVXQ to hold scheduled concerts as planned under extreme precautions

With the growing concern of the MERS virus spreading in South Korea, many artists and events have cancelled their concerts while others have decided to continue their schedule but with special precautions in place.

On June 10th, SM Entertainment announced that TVXQ‘s special encore concert T1ST0RY will be held as scheduled at the Olympic Park Stadium in Seoul on the 13th and 14th.

To protect fans against MERS, special fumigators will be installed along the main halls. According to ticketing site YES24, “At the Haneolgyo’s entrance, we are planning to use a disinfectant fumigator that is 100% safe to spray on the human body to protect our audience.”

“We will be working with professional companies who uses disinfectant chemicals that are 100% safe to humans and have specialized equipment to thoroughly disinfect the concert halls and various places around the venue where everyone can watch the performances. On the morning of the concert on the 13th and 14th, we will be disinfecting the stage, seats, and waiting rooms.”

In addition, it was revealed that a thermal imaging cameras will be installed outside the venue and at the entrance hall to alert if anyone has abnormal body temperature. Should someone with a temperature higher than normal be detected, healthcare personnel have been placed around the venue and will be conducting an accurate diagnosis of said person. They add that “If that person has an actual temperature, they will not be admitted into the venue.”

“Anyone with a fever, cough, or is generally feeling unwell is discouraged from attending the concert so please take enough rest. If you cancel your booking [ticket reservations], the cancellation fee will be waived and ticket cancellations can be made up until the day of the concert. Should your tickets been delivered, you can return the tickets by mail by June 26th to the ticket office to receive a refund.”

“No outdoor booths will be operated outside on the day of the concert, including merchandise booths. Official merchandise sales will be done online. There will be no ticket sales on-site. We discourage the audience from having collective meetings or to distribute goods and please arrive at the venue on time.”

“We would also appreciate if you helped focus on your personal hygiene and enter the venue wearing a mask, use hand sanitizers placed around the venue, and wash your hands frequently. We will continuously check anything that can be changed beforehand and do our best to allow you to enjoy the concert in the healthiest and hygienic way.”

Source: Star News

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