TVXQ’s Yunho Issues Official Apology For His Controversy

He is reflecting.

TVXQ‘s Yunho had previously been swept up in a scandal when it was reported that he had violated social-distancing measures by gathering in an escort bar with his friends.

Following his court verdict as not guilty, SM Entertainment has already issued an official statement regarding the matter. Yunho soon released a personal apology as well.

Hello. This is Jung Yunho. Firstly, I sincerely apologize once more for having disappointed everyone due to the past issue. As someone that was loved by many, I apologize once more for not having followed the social distancing measures by staying out past 10pm with my friends in February, and I am very apologetic for having concerned many by not having realized about the location due to my carelessness.

At that point of time, I received a request from my friend to listen to his worries, and I went out after only hearing that it was a place where we could quietly converse. I went there without any special caution and I have since been spending time embarrassed about myself and am reflecting even now.

Hence forth, I will reflect on myself more so as to not allow such a matter to happen again. Once more, I apologize for having concerned many with my carelessness.

— Yunho

Ever since the initial reveal, he has denied his active participation in the escort bar and claimed that he only visited the location upon invitation from his friend to come and talk and had no idea about the location’s true nature.

Source: DongA