TWICE Was Asked An Interview Question That Was So Difficult Nobody Could Answer It

Here’s what it was about.

Part of the job of a K-Pop idol is to answer interview questions, but some questions are admittedly harder to answer than others!

TWICE‘s Jihyo was faced with this exact same dilemma recently, and she shared the story when they guested on Radio Star.

It all started when Momo shared how nervous she gets to send messages in their group chat because the other members sometimes ignore her.

Jihyo chimed in that it isn’t just Momo’s messages that get ignored—it happens to her, too.

She explained that they get sent interview questions from PR teams through text, and as the leader, she is in charge of sending their answers.

One question, however, was so difficult that she didn’t know what to write.

She asked for help from her members in the group chat.

Unfortunately for her, the members ignored her message and continued to chat about another topic!

In Momo’s defense, they also had no idea what to reply with.

What question could be so difficult that nine members didn’t know what to say?

It turns out the question was about the relation of the title track to the other songs in their full-length album.

Upon hearing that, MC Kim Gu Ra suggested that Jihyo instead ask JYP Entertainment founder, Park Jin Young, for help next time: “It’s his specialty“.

Watch the clip below.



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