TWICE’s Choreographer Can’t Stop Showering Jihyo With Praise For Her Dance Skills

Jihyo is a better dancer than she gives herself credit for!

TWICE‘s Jihyo didn’t believe in her dance skills, so her choreographer made sure to set facts straight!

Recently, Jihyo left fans speechless with her incredible “Crown” Performance Project. Aside from her strong vocals and beautiful visuals, she caught everyone’s attention with her powerful dancing.

A behind the scenes video showed her learning the difficult dance moves with the choreographer. During the first practice, she revealed that she has a hard time remembering choreographies as she learns them.

I have a disease in which I can’t remember the choreography.

— Jihyo

The choreographer couldn’t believe what she was hearing! She encouraged Jihyo by saying, “What are you talking about? You’re doing well!

Later in the video, she playfully yet honestly showered Jihyo with praise for her dance skills. Having watched her past dance videos, she wanted Jihyo to know that she isn’t a bad dancer at all.

You’re such a liar. Don’t edit this out. She always says that she forgets the moves all the time, so I looked up all her dance videos. She keeps saying she’s a bad dancer, so I told her she’s a liar. She dances so hard in those videos I watched.

— Choreographer

See Jihyo’s powerful dancing in the full video below!

Source: TWICE


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