TWICE’s Dahyun Can Pull Off Any Concept… But Here’s The “Yes, I Am Dahyun” Look That’s Left Fans Speechless

Her visuals are breathtaking!

So far, TWICE has revealed “Yes, I am Sana” and “Yes, I Am Jihyo,” and now fans can be excited for the newest member’s solo photobook, “Yes, I am Dahyun.”

The first teaser of the solo photobook was posted on TWICE’s YouTube channel, and fans were captivated by Dahyun’s stunning visuals.

TWICE’s Dahyun Goes From Sweet And Innocent To Smoking Hot In New “Yes, I Am Dahyun” Video

Fans loved everything from her effortless ability to pull off cute concepts…

To her breathtaking, more elegant shots.

And with the second teaser video now released to TWICE’s YouTube channel, fans once more are understandably obsessing over Dahyun’s visuals.

Quite astutely noting that she slays every concept she’s given.

But fans are especially in love with one particular series of shots…

In the latest teaser video, Dahyun is posing in a bathtub while wearing a beautiful dress and surrounded by flowers.

Everything from Dahyun’s facial expressions…

To even the placement of the flowers seems perfect.

So it’s quite understandable that these shots are standing out to fans the most.

Even if every shot of her is breathtaking.

Fans can eagerly look forward to what is bound to be a stunning photobook.