TWICE Dahyun’s Dog Ari Helped Her Heal From Past Trauma And Overcome Her Fears

She also explains the inspiration for his name choice.

TWICE‘s Dahyun recently discussed some of her past struggles that her adorable Maltese Ari helped her overcome.

Five years prior, she was in a much different place when it came to dogs.

After a bad encounter with a dog when she was young, she was changed by the traumatic incident.

I had a trauma. I was bit by a really big dog a long time ago, in the countryside.

— Dahyun

It’s not that I hated dogs, but I was scared of them and wanted to overcome it.

— Dahyun

She was left emotionally scarred by the incident, unable to look at dogs the same way again.

However, when the time was ready, she asked her parents for her own pet dog in order to overcome her past. Since then, Ari has helped her tremendously overcome her fear.

Even Ari’s name ties into the impact he’s had on Dahyun!

It means ‘one that I love’ in pure Korean.

— Dahyun

They say that you ache when you love someone so much. The sound “Ari” also has the same meaning, so it can be both.

— Dahyun

Dahyun’s touching story shows about facing her fears shows just how much Ari means to her!

Check out more from her vlog below.

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