TWICE’s Dahyun Shocks With Her Amazing Ability To Spot Fans’ Cameras From Miles Away

Not the nosebleed seats.

TWICE‘s Dahyun has always had a talent for spotting cameras. Be it broadcast station cameras, or that of her fans, she never disappoints! This time, during the group’s tour overseas, her eagle-eyes managed to spot a ONCE’s camera yet again.

The fan was sitting high up in the nosebleed seats. With their bare eyes, they were barely able to see the girls on stage. Without zoom, the camera only managed to capture the girls’ frames.

The fan’s view before zoom. | @Marromyine_/Twitter

The fan didn’t give up, and used the zoom on their camera in hopes of filming Dahyun. Although the fan might’ve had eyes only for Dahyun, to Dahyun, the fan must’ve been one out of thousands in the arena. Despite this, she still managed to spot the camera and indulge in some eye contact.

The fan’s view after zoom. | @Marromyine_/Twitter

Twitterians were shocked at Dahyun’s superhuman skills. Her eyesight must’ve been incredible, to spot the camera from miles away.

That’s not the only time that Dahyun impressed on the scene. During another stop, she also managed to spot a camera in the nosebleeds. A fan uploaded their actual view, in addition to a fancam of Dahyun showering them with plenty of eye contact.

Fans even compared her to the character Lee Mi Hyun in Moving, who is known for her supersenses in spotting cameras and people.

Maybe she’s an alien…

…or maybe she just has superhuman love for her fans!



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