TWICE’s Dahyun Goes Viral After Revealing The Point Choreography Of Their New Track “Talk That Talk” For The Most Iconic Reason

“I thought it was easy until I did it myself…”

Since debuting, the members of TWICE have taken over the world of K-Pop with their music, visuals, and charming personalities. Recently, Dahyun has gone viral after showcasing her charisma during a recent variety show when teasing the group’s comeback.

TWICE’s Dahyun | @dahhyunnee/Instagram

Whenever it comes to the songs released by TWICE, there are some things that netizens can be certain of, it will be catchy, the vocals will be flawless, and the dance will be iconic. Over the years, the group has created some of the most iconic dances in K-Pop.

TWICE’s “TT” video | JYP Entertainment/YouTube
TWICE’s “Knock” video | JYP Entertainment/YouTube
TWICE’s “FANCY” video | JYP Entertainment/YouTube 

It seems as if the same can be said about the group’s upcoming comeback. TWICE shocked fans by showcasing a new side and utter duality in the concept photos for their album BETWEEN 1&2.

TWICE concept photo | @JYPETWICE/Twitter


In particular, the recent teasers for the title track “Talk That Talk” has had netizens gushing over the direction of the group.

TWICE’s comeback video teaser | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

With the comeback hours less than 24 hours away, member Dahyun appeared on the variety show MBC’s Radio Star. From the very beginning, the idol captured the hearts of netizens with her charm and charisma, with many adding that she is the perfect fit for panel shows.

In particular, one moment went viral on several social media sites. Right before the second teaser for the music video was released, Dahyun gave netizens a sneak peek of the point choreography of the track.

During the video, Dahyun explained that the members wanted to portray love and found a unique way of doing it… with their arm movements. The idol showed the panel the point choreography and it was definitely witty.

As soon as she showed it, everyone seemed very confused by the complicated hand movements. When the clip was zoomed up to match the tempo of the track, it isn’t surprising that everyone seemed shocked by the intricate moves.

Shortly after the clip was posted, the music video teaser was released, showing the very move that Dahyun had shown… and it was definitely fast and complicated.

TWICE’s comeback video teaser with the L.O.V.E move | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

When the clips were posted on social media, they quickly gained millions on views on both TikTok and Twitter. In less than 24 hours, the video was viewed over 3.5 million times on TikTok, and netizens shared their thoughts on the choreography, with many praising the members’ coordination.

With over 300,000 views on Twitter, netizens had similar opinions and couldn’t believe how tough it was. Others joked that it would be the most stressful TikTok challenge to do, considering how complicated it is.

TWICE has always been known for its iconic choreography, but netizens seem to think the group has overestimated them with the point dance. Hopefully, it gets easier over time for fans or the members will pick another part of the dance for a TikTok challenge.

You can watch the whole clip below.

Source: MBC Entertainment, @pinkytaeti and @godmitzu