TWICE Are Estée Lauder Korea’s New Brand Ambassadors

Is this a new CF for ONCEs?

It was recently announced that TWICE would be the new brand ambassadors for Estée Lauder Korea.

Estée Lauder Korea’s official instagram account (@esteelauderkr) released a teaser featuring a group shot of the girl group. Check it out below.

The nation’s girl group is set to promote the multinational skincare brand in Korea.

TWICE blessed us with their stunning visuals while modelling for the skincare brand.

1. Nayeon

2. Jeongyeon

3. Momo

4. Sana 

5. Jihyo 

6. Mina

7. Dahyun 

8. Chaeyoung

9. Tzuyu

ONCEs are waiting eagerly for a full-length CF from the girls.