Sharp-Eyed TWICE Fans Spot Possible Upcoming “READY TO BE” World Tour Locations

“Hint for TWICE 5th world tour in…”

TWICE just made their highly-anticipated comeback with “SET ME FREE.”


Fans couldn’t get enough of the catchy lyrics, exciting choreography, and stunning music video.

As fans watched the music video, loving all the cinematic shots, some sharp-eyed fans noticed a clue that might hint at TWICE’s future activities.

In one of the music video scenes, fans noticed some signs in the background that boasted TWICE’s name and the READY TO BE album name.

| JYP Entertainment/YouTube 

Some other signs included names of cities: Barcelona, Mexico City, London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.

Considering that TWICE are soon embarking on a new world tour, READY TO BE, fans are suspecting that the music video is exposing additional locations for the tour.

Although only dates in Seoul, Australia, Japan, and the US have been announced, making for 17 performances in 14 cities, the official posters specified that more venues would be announced.

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

European and Mexican TWICE fans couldn’t be more excited that it seems like the group could be adding these locations to their tour.

And are eagerly waiting for the official announcement from JYP Entertainment.

You can read more about the “SET ME FREE” music video here.

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You can watch the music video for yourself here.


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