TWICE Reveals How Their Personal Fashion Style Differs From Their Stage Outfits

They also discuss their “Alcohol-Free” outfits.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the members of TWICE discuss their fashion preferences, from the stage to the streets.

Chaeyoung and Nayeon started by discussing what type of style fans can expect from their latest comeback, “Alcohol-Free, revealing their bright and extravagant looks are created from patterned scarves for a unique look that’s still on-trend.


Our stylists sourced a variety of scarves and turned them into wearable pieces, with some items being entirely made from scarves. I thought it was a fresh idea.

— Nayeon

In comparison to their off-stage looks, the girls typically go for low-key and casual styles.

When going on stage, we’re used to wearing short skirts, shorts, and things that are pretty tight, so when we are off-stage, I think I gravitate toward more comfortable outfits. I like wearing wide-leg pants and jeans.

— Sana

However, each member’s personal taste differs. Jihyo prefers a slightly more fitted and feminine style.

For me, I normally wear tighter clothes because I think my body type does not look as good in boxy or oversized fits. I don’t think it’s necessarily similar to what I wear on stage, but on stage, there’s definitely more of a variety.

— Jihyo

Interested in learning more about TWICE’s fashion? Check out the unique ways their latest stage outfits were created below.

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Source: Rolling Stone