TWICE Impresses With Their Live Performance Of “Alcohol-Free” On Music Bank

Everyone is obsessed 😍

TWICE made their highly anticipated comeback this week and they have been crushing it! Their comeback track titled “Alcohol-Free” has been seeing enormous success, as the girls have been breaking records with their 10th mini-album. The summery tunes, the gorgeous visuals, and the amazing fashion has been making headlines as the girls continue to slay this comeback.

TWICE | JYP Entertainment

In the midst of all the positive attention comes even more good news, as netizens have been in awe of the girl group’s most recent live performance of their song. While TWICE’s Music Bank comeback stage was filled with vibrant colors and their usual visuals,

their on point choreography,

and the catchy chorus….

…this specific Music Bank performance has been especially praised by netizens for the girl group’s stable vocals! Netizens quickly gathered online to share their positive impressions of TWICE’s live performance and it was filled to the brim with encouraging comments.

| theqoo
  • “They are so good.”
  •  They’re so good at singing live. I like the song.”
  • “They’re good at dancing and they’re good at singing live too.”
  • “It seems like they improved a lot. They seem more comfortable with the correct vocal range.”
  • “They’re good at singing live while dancing all the choreography.”
  • “They’re pretty good at their live performance.”
  • “This stage is f*cking amazing.”
  • “They’re so pretty because they work so hard!”
  • “They’re so good at singing live even while they dance the fluid dance moves.”
  • “They’re so good.”
TWICE on “The Ellen Show” | The Ellen Show

The girls always impress with their comebacks, but they really slayed this one. Check out TWICE’s Music Bank comeback stage to hear their impressive live vocals down below!

Source: theqoo


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