TWICE’s Jeongyeon Claims She Messed up While Trying to Dye Her Own Hair

Jeongyeon thought she messed up, so she tried it again.

Jeongyeon recently took TWICE‘s official Instagram to share with fans that she dyed her own hair.

Just like her fellow members, Jeongyeon has tried quite a few hair colors in the past.

But as expected from idols such as herself, they were done professionally from a stylist.


This time, Jeongyeon decided to attempt a bold hair color on her own.

In the photo shared on TWICE’s Instagram Story, Jeongyeon shared a photo of her new hair, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

But Jeongyeon must’ve thought she messed it up because she captioned it,

I might’ve messed up while trying to dye my own hair.

– Jeongyeon

Although her mint hair color along with hints of purple makes her look mystical and frankly, beautiful, Jeongyeon must’ve been aiming for something different.


She then shared another photo of yet another color transformation and captioned it,

One more time.

– Jeongyeon

In any case, she looks amazing.


And hopefully, Jeongyeon knows it, too.

Source: Insight