TWICE’s Jihyo Prefers Weight Training Over “Celebrity-Favorite” Pilates—Here’s Why

Her past experience was memorable.

Exercise is an integral part of many K-Pop idols’ lives. In recent years, there has been one particular workout that more and more celebrities are obsessing over—Pilates, of course! In case you didn’t know, Pilates is a system of repetitive exercises that helps improve strength, flexibility, and stability.

A few A-listers who are big fans of Pilates include BLACKPINK‘s Jennie

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IVE‘s Wonyoung

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…and TWICE‘s Nayeon.

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Fellow TWICE member Jihyo, however, prefers something else entirely! In a recent interview with 1st Look, the “SCIENTIST” singer was asked to pick between calm exercises and active exercises.

She chose the latter because slower workouts like Pilates make her fall asleep.

I’ve tried Pilates and weight training, but Pilates really made me sleepy.

— TWICE’s Jihyo

Lifting weights, on the other hand, gives her a boost of energy. “But I didn’t get so sleepy when I worked out at the gym,” she said.

I had fun, although working out is never fun,” Jihyo concluded with a smile. It’s a clear winner in her book.

Whether it’s Pilates or weight training, it’s clear from the physique of K-Pop idols like TWICE, IVE, and BLACKPINK that both are effective workouts!

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