TWICE’s Jihyo Gives Tips On What To Pack For A Trip, And Her Luggage Included A Sweet Gift From Her Mom

Her mom knows her well!

Taking a trip to another country usually requires deliberating on what you need to bring. The TWICE members are frequent flyers, so who better than them to check out what they’ve learned to pack?

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The girls recently visited the U.S. as part of their world tour, and of course, they brought with them some much needed items! Jihyo showed off the contents of her luggage in a lengthy vlog.

TWICE’s Jihyo

The first thing she revealed was the most important of them all—her clothes. While packing, she kept in mind that the weather in the U.S. changes often. One tip she gave fans was to pack versatile clothes that will suit many weathers.

On one side, I have my clothes. The temperature fluctuates a lot here, so I thought hard about what to pack. I decided not to pack too many pairs of pants. I have a pair of jeans and some joggers. Four t-shirts and two sweaters. One hoodie and a long sleeved shirt and a lightweight jacket. I packed a lot, but I packed very few clothes. When you go overseas, try to pack versatile clothes, especially if the temperature fluctuates a lot. You can do it!

— Jihyo

Other than clothes, she also packed something special her mom had thoughtfully given her—scorched rice. Knowing that her daughter, Jihyo, might miss eating Korean food, she made sure to buy a portable kind for her.

And next to my clothes, I have something I find so useful. It’s a pack of scorched rice. My mom packed it for me in case I miss Korean food. I already ate half of it.

— Jihyo

Next, Jihyo showed off her bags and shoes, which she kept inside their respective dust bags. She suggested bringing extra dust bags to keep miscellaneous items inside.

I have bags and shoes here. I always save… What do you call this? Dust bag? I always save them, and this is one of them. I put miscellaneous stuff in them.

— Jihyo

Finally, her emergency food took up a large section of her suitcase! You never know when a craving might hit or when you’re feeling hungry during the trip, so bringing your favorite food is a must.

And very importantly, my emergency food. That’s it!

— Jihyo

Jihyo isn’t the only member who showed fans the contents of her luggage. Previously, fellow member Jeongyeon did so as well. Check it out here:

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