TWICE’s Jihyo Updates Fans After Her Airport Injury Due To A Sasaeng Fan

She updated for the first time since the accident.

Just a few days ago, TWICE‘s Jihyo sustained an injury after she tripped at the airport due to a sasaeng fan. As she was walking out, she tripped because of the fan. She was helped up by Chaeyoung and the staff, but she looked as if she was in pain.


JYP Entertainment had released an announcement that they will be taking firm actions against sasaeng fans and the blacklist. They warned fans to be careful and cautious of the members’ safety and privacy.

Member Jeongyeon also spoke up to call out the supposed fan.


Jihyo appears to be doing much better as she updated her fans through Instagram. She wrote, “Today is very cold too. Let’s end the day safely and warmly. Good night.


Fans are glad she’s feeling better and thanked her for updating them on her safety and health.

“Thank you for showing us your brightness. I hope you don’t get hurt anymore.”

“I hope Jihyo regains her strength. Take care of your health during promotions~”

“Jihyo don’t get hurtㅠㅠ I hope you cheer up today by only looking at good energy”

“Jihyo be healthy and stay happy~”

— Fans and Netizens

Source: Newsen