TWICE’s Jeongyeon Low-Key Calls Out Fan Who Accidentally Injured Jihyo

Without explicitly saying so, she expressed her disapproval.

Fans are praising TWICE‘s Jeongyeon for appearing to low-key call out the fan who unintentionally tripped group leader Jihyo.

In the most recent post to the group’s official Instagram account, Jeongyeon posted a selfie with the caption:

We have arrived safely to Korea~ While we thank everyone for greeting us at the airport! We hope that everyone does not get hurt and returns home safely. It’s really cold out so please be careful not to catch a cold.

Although she expressed concern for everyone, her caption seemed to carry the unspoken message of showing her disapproval of the incident.

After the incident at Gimpo International Airport, TWICE’s agency JYP Entertainment released a statement, which said, “An accident occurred today due to excessive photography at Gimpo International Airport. Following artists after immigration screening is prohibited and is a violation of our company’s blacklist regulations. Violators will not be able to attend public broadcasting and activities. (*TWICE blacklist notice).

Source: kstyle