TWICE’s Mina Arrives Back In Korea Looking Healthier

Her interaction with a fan is the sweetest!

TWICE‘s Mina arrived back in Korea as she was spotted at the airport with her mom.


As always, Mina held onto her mom’s hand tightly as she walked confidently out into the awaiting press and fans.


Mina looked healthier as her skin was glowing even underneath her dark hat!


She seemed happier as well as she had the cutest smile when a fan came up to her as she was walking out!


Many netizens welcomed her back to Korea as fans have been desperately awaiting her comeback from her hiatus due to health issues.

“Mina, let’s be healthy! All of TWICE as wellㅠㅠ”

“Fighting! Welcome back~~”

“Her mom is by her side whenever she’s facing a difficult time psychologicallyㅜㅜ I’m glad… At least one family member should be by her side”

“Mina I miss you ㅠㅠ Let’s meet after you get well soon”

“Mina have strength Let’s laugh together”

— K-Netizens


Mina has been on a hiatus due to health issues relating to anxiety. However, Mina has been slowly preparing her return as she participated in recent concerts and fan meetings with the rest of her TWICE members!


Here’s to Mina’s happiness and health through a safe recovery!


Check out Mina’s arrival below:

Source: Newsen