TWICE’s Mina Surprises Fans Again By Participating In Their Hokkaido Concert

You did so well, Mina!

ONCEs were in for another surprise at TWICE‘s Hokkaido concert!

On October 23, TWICE held their first concert for the Japan leg of their TWICELIGHTS tour in Hokkaido. Fans were slightly disappointed and worried when JYP Entertainment announced that Chaeyoung would be sitting out today’s concert due to health issues.

ONCEs had prepared themselves to see 7 girls on stage, but were in for a very pleasant surprise when they saw Mina performing on stage with the rest of her group!


As JYP had not even announced Mina’s participation in the concert, fans realized how last minute the decision had been. They lauded Mina for her strength and courage, and are also taking it as a sign that she’s getting better and may even return fully to the stage soon!


Mina had surprised fans earlier as well, by deciding to attend TWICE’s 4th Debut Anniversary fan meet on October 20. ONCEs have been extremely happy to see her, and wish her a speedy recovery!