TWICE’s Mina Loves Working With Her Members—And Her Reason Is Hilarious

“The upside of working is that I’m with the girls…”

Fans would know how much TWICE’s Mina loves food, and it turns out it’s even one reason why she enjoys working with her members!

TWICE’s Jihyo (left), Mina (center), and Tzuyu (right)

In a recent video where Mina assembled a Lego set, she was asked what her favorite food is. “What is your favorite food?

She shared her current food cravings, namely truffle pasta and burgers.

I’ve been craving for truffle pasta and burgers. I recently ate burgers.

— Mina

Although she previously explained that she loves staying at home, she also doesn’t mind working with her members. Her reason? Because she can eat a lot of food if she’s with them!

The upside of working is that I’m with the girls, which means we can order a lot of different things.

— Mina

Quite obviously, Mina is very serious about eating. In her opinion, food looks more delicious when there’s more of it.

But if I were to eat alone, I can’t order a lot, only one serving. Let’s say I want to eat steamed chicken. It just looks more delicious when the portion is large.

— Mina

Unfortunately, she can’t order a lot when she’s by herself because she can’t finish everything. She even misses working with the TWICE members and hanging out with them because of it.

But if I order that much by myself, I can’t eat it all. So I can only order those dishes when we are working together or when we’re together at our dorm. I miss that.

— Mina

Get to know more about Mina in the full video below!

Source: TWICE