TWICE’s Mina Reported To Make Her Comeback Following Anxiety Disorder Diagnosis, JYP Responds

She may be making her comeback.

JYP Entertainment has responded to reports detailing how TWICE’s Mina participated in the music video filming for the group’s comeback in September.

Insider reports detailed how Mina did decide to join the music video filming in the end, after consulting with JYP Entertainment staff. While she still had a difficult time psychologically, the other 8 members of TWICE were very supportive of her and helped her through the process. However, it is still uncertain whether or not Mina will participate in TWICE’s comeback promotions in September.

JYP Entertainment responded to the reports, saying there’s nothing they can confirm at the moment.

We cannot give an answer to whether the report is true or not right now.

We will release our official statement about this matter when the time is right for one.

— JYP Entertainment

JYP Entertainment previously released a statement on Mina’s health, saying that any decision for her to make her comeback will be decided by herself and the TWICE members.

JYP Entertainment Gives An Update On TWICE Mina’s Current Health And Hiatus

Source: Sports Chosun and Newsen