TWICE’s Mina Showed Up To Surprise Jihyo At Her Solo Photoshoot With The Most Thoughtful Gift Ever

Their friendship is so wholesome!

The TWICE members are known to be super close to each other, and always support one another during individual schedules!

For example, Nayeon supported Jeongyeon when she had her first solo fashion event…

Nayeon supporting Jeongyeon at her Jimmy Choo fashion event

…Nayeon and Momo went to support Tzuyu when she shot the MV for her first melody project…

Momo and Nayeon at Tzuyu’s melody project shoot

…and Momo showing up to support Nayeon at the shooting site for her own melody project a few months ago!

Jihyo is currently preparing to release her very own photobook titled Yes, I Am Jihyo, where she shows off her fun, lovely, and sporty sides in gorgeous outfits!

As she was in the middle of her photoshoot, fellow 97-liner Mina made a surprise visit to the set, and she came with flowers!

Jihyo was super shocked and happy while exclaiming that she loves the flowers Mina brought for her! She held the bouquet, and danced around with them in excitement!

What’s with these flowers! I love them! Thank you so much! I am really touched!


Playing it cool at first, Mina then adorably revealed that she came to the filming location because the staff told her that Jihyo was lonely at her solo schedule by herself!

The shoot was supposed to take place last month, right? So I told them I was going to make a surprise visit. And then yesterday, they said you might be lonely and asked me if maybe I could pay a visit! I was going to make a surprise visit anyway!


Mina also talked about how she brought pink flowers because they were Jihyo’s current favorites, showing how attentive she is to her friends!

Lately, you seem to like flowers. And you said earlier that you kinda like pink these days. So I bought pink flowers.


We love their sweet friendship!

Watch the whole thing here!