TWICE Supports Tzuyu’s Solo Cover Of Taylor Swift’s “ME!” By Visiting Filming Site And Fawning Over Her

They’re her biggest fans ❤️

TWICE‘s Tzuyu recently released a heart-stopping cover of Taylor Swift‘s “ME!”

In a behind the scenes video, she shared how worried yet excited she was to sing the song all by herself.

To help ease her nervousness, Chaeyoung stopped by the recording studio to cheer her on. They happily waved to each other through a screen.

Much to Tzuyu’s surprise, Momo and Nayeon also came to visit her, this time during the filming of the music video. They revealed that they drove all the way to the site even if it was raining and a long distance away!

Like the thoughtful people that they are, they made sure to bring her something to eat.

We got soaked in the rain. We came all the way to cheer you up! It took hours, even though it was Apgujeong. We got something delicious.

— Momo and Nayeon

They then fawned all over her, complimenting her visuals and praising how mature she looks.

You seriously look amazing. Pretty, really pretty. You look really mature.

— Momo and Nayeon

Of course, they didn’t forget to take many pretty pictures!

They also cutely hid their bare faces as they filmed a video of Tzuyu posing in front of the camera.

All good things come to an end, and Momo and Nayeon eventually had to leave. Hilariously, their parting words were that she should pay for their taxi ride home!

The way TWICE supports Tzuyu and dotes on her is truly heartwarming.

In case you missed it, watch the full behind the scenes video below.

Source: TWICE