TWICE’s Momo And Nayeon Were Whipped For Tzuyu When They Watched Her Cover—And So Were We

Here’s what they said!

TWICE once named teamwork as one of their biggest strengths. Every chance they get, they make sure to encourage each other and support everyone’s solo work.


This was especially true when Momo and Nayeon made sure to watch Tzuyu‘s “Melody Project” video soon after its release. During a live broadcast, the two showed their reaction to her cover of Taylor Swift‘s “ME!” They may have visited her on set while she was recording but they were still excited to see the final cut.

As soon as the first verse started, they both swooned. They couldn’t help but praise her visuals and obvious improvement.

Hey, she’s so pretty! See, her facial expressions have gotten so much better.

— Nayeon 

Momo named the telephone booth scene as the part when she was prettiest. She exclaimed that the floral print dress looked great on her.

The two couldn’t help but pause the video when Tzuyu wore glasses since “She’s so pretty.” Nayeon said that the specs were especially beautiful on the maknae, and Momo agreed as she “doesn’t wear glasses often” so it’s “very refreshing, very pretty.”

They both hyped up Tzuyu from afar when they repeated numerous times that she did a fantastic job throughout the video.

She nailed it. She nailed this part. This is crazy, she really nailed this part.

— Momo and Nayeon

In the end, they both agreed that the song was perfect for her!

We love it when TWICE shows their support for one another! To view their full reaction, check out the video below.

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