4 Cutest TWICE Tzuyu Moments From The Behind The Scenes Video Of Her Taylor Swift “ME!” Cover

#3 is heartwarming 💕

TWICE‘s Tzuyu stunned viewers with her cover of Taylor Swift‘s upbeat song “ME!”

A behind the scenes video from the making of the cover was recently released. From start to finish, Tzuyu’s cuteness didn’t end! In no particular order, here are four of her cutest moments from the video.

1. When she called ONCEs on the telephone

In one scene, Tzuyu entered a phone booth and pretended to dial a number. She then started speaking to the receiver, saying, “Hi. Okay, see you later!

When asked who she was talking to, she proudly replied, “ONCE!

2. When she didn’t know how to work her glasses

Next, the camera director asked her to naturally lift her glasses, but she had a hard time doing so at the start because it was the first time she shot with glasses on.

It didn’t take long, however, for her to get used to them. In no time at all, she worked her glasses as if she had been wearing them for years.

3. When Chaeyoung, Nayeon, and Momo visited her

As expected, TWICE didn’t forget to show their support for their maknae‘s solo cover. Chaeyoung visited her in the recording studio…

…while Nayeon and Momo drove all the way to the music video site. The way they fawned over her beauty and couldn’t stop taking pictures was just too adorable!

Meanwhile, Tzuyu simply basked in their presence and allowed them to dote on her.

4. When she held the candlestick telephone wrong

Last but not the least, Tzuyu was too cute for words when she accidentally held a candlestick telephone upside down. She good-naturedly laughed at her own mistake.

Afterwards, she made sure to hold it in the correct manner.

See more cute Tzuyu moments in the full video below!

Source: TWICE