TWICE’s Momo Gifts Dahyun A Luxury Bag And 2 Handmade Items, Here’s What They Are

Momo gives the best gifts 💯

TWICE‘s Momo went above and beyond for her Secret Friend, Dahyun!

After weeks of releasing individual vlogs, the girls finally gathered together to reveal their respective Secret Friends and the gifts they prepared for them.

Dahyun was one of the last members to know who her Secret Santa was, and it was none other than Momo! According to Nayeon, Momo wanted her Secret Friend to be the envy of everyone present, so she gave not just one or two gifts but a whopping three gifts, and each was meticulously prepared.

The first gift she gave was chocolate that she had painstakingly made herself.

Nobody expected the next gift! Momo gave Dahyun a trendy bag from luxury brand CELINE. Hilariously, she had even asked the sales associates if it would suit Dahyun.

I asked the sales associate if they knew TWICE’s Dahyun, and I asked them if it would look good on her.

— Momo 

The cute mini bag is from CELINE’s Vertical Cabas line, and it boasts a natural and tan color with the brand’s logo proudly displayed in front.


Dahyun loved the gift so much that she said she would “wear it every day!” In fact, a few weeks ago, she even shared an Instagram post with pictures of the bag.

The third and final present was another thoughtful one. Momo took the time and effort to draw a design on a t-shirt that reminded her of Dahyun. In her excitement, Dahyun promised to wear it often to practice.

Watch the fun interaction between Momo and Dahyun in the full video below!

Source: TWICE