TWICE’s Momo And Jeongyeon’s Reaction To Dahyun’s Surprise Cover Proves They’re The Absolute Best Unnies

Momo and Jeongyeon are so sweet!

TWICE‘s Momo and Jeongyeon are so supportive!

TWICE’s Jeongyeon (left) and Momo (right) | TWICE/VLIVE

Dahyun recently posted a solo version of TWICE’s “Promise” on the group’s official YouTube channel.

| TWICE/YouTube

She put a lot of thought into her video and even wrote all the lyrics out by hand.

Shortly after Dahyun’s cover was posted on YouTube, Momo and Jeongyeon did a live stream together. During the live stream, Dahyun asked them if they’d gotten a chance to see her cover yet. They hadn’t seen it, so they did a live reaction to the cover together.


Momo and Jeongyeon couldn’t stop smiling as they watched Dahyun sing, and Momo praised Dahyun’s Japanese handwriting.

Jeongyeon was impressed by Dahyun’s English handwriting, and both she and Momo couldn’t get over how youthful Dahyun looked in her cover video. As they watched the cover, they looked like the proudest unnies on the planet!

Dahyun ended her cover by saying “surprise,” and Momo and Jeongyeon laughed when they heard her shyly say “surprise.” Momo also joked that Dahyun’s forehead was shiny, which made them laugh even more.

Although she joked that Dahyun’s forehead was shining, Momo complimented Dahyun on her amazing skin and said she was glowing. Then, she and Jeongyeon applauded Dahyun and told her what a great job she did with “Promise.”

The fact that they were able to seamlessly move between complimenting Dahyun and gently teasing her proves just how close Momo and Jeongyeon are to Dahyun!

If you haven’t seen Dahyun’s “Promise” video yet, check it out below.