Koreans Have Nothing But Praise For TWICE’s New English Track, “Moonlight Sunrise”

What did you think of the release?

TWICE just dropped their English pre-release track, “Moonlight Sunrise” and the entire song is a bop! The girls look gorgeous as well.

From Dahyun in her cottage-core dress…

…to Jeongyeon looking healthy and gorgeous…

Mina‘s princess visuals…

…they all slayed for sure!

As a group that has consistently been loved by the public since debut, the new release was on everyone’s radar. The music video did not disappoint, with an addictive melody and great visuals.

Netizen reactions to “Moonlight Sunrise.” | theqoo
  • “The MV is pretty.”
  • “It’s a party of goddesses.”
  • “Oh, the song is great.”
  • “Wow the song is nice and the MV is pretty.”
  • “Mina is so f*cking pretty.”
  • “I knew that the song would be my type.”

Check out the music video for yourself below!

Source: theqoo


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