TWICE Reveals The Exact Moments When They Truly Feel Like “The Nation’s Girl Group”

The girls are well loved by their fans, but when do they really feel the fame?

TWICE are back with a new Latin-inspired pop title track “Alcohol-Free,” and it’s positively oozing with their incredible charms.

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TWICE is a treasured girl group from JYP Entertainment, and their nickname as “The Nation’s Girl Group” says it all. With their popularity continuing to rise, NME asked the girls when they realize they’re truly famous during an interview.

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Jihyo cutely admitted that it’s moments like doing interviews that makes her realize they’re really famous. Tzuyu shared that she feels the fame whenever she returns home to Taiwan.

Tzuyu | @JYPETWICE/Twitter

Nayeon on the other hand revealed she felt the most famous when the group visited the U.S. She found it amazing that people across the world were able to recognize them!

Even though we didn’t really do a lot in America, we were there for some other concerts, [but] people recognized us on the street. I thought that was like a really weird experience and amazing at the same time.

— Nayeon

While they haven’t been able to meet with fans in person due to the pandemic, the girls are undoubtedly gaining more fame, coming back in full force with their newest album release Taste of Love.

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