TWICE’s Nayeon Knows How Difficult The Hand Choreo In “POP!” Is, And She’s Here To Help

She broke down the hand motions.

TWICE‘s Nayeon is making waves with her solo debut. Her title track “POP!” is sweeping the charts and capturing the hearts of fans. Part of what makes it so special is the addictive choreography.

TWICE’s Nayeon | @nayeonyny/Instagram

Nayeon showcases just how demanding the memorable choreography is in a behind-the-scenes dance practice video. Even a seasoned dancer like Nayeon had difficulties with it.

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Of course, she eventually nailed it, but one particular dance section was especially intricate: the hand choreography.

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Nayeon’s #PopPopPop challenge on TikTok features the hand choreo, and many other K-Pop artists have participated, such as Stray KidsFelix.


✋👈💙🐈‍⬛ #PopPopPop challenge @TWICE #straykids


Nayeon has even joined some of these videos as she did with labelmates ITZY.


#PopPopPop Challenge🎈😍#ITZY #있지 #TWICE #트와이스#NAYEON #나연 #IM_NAYEON #POP❣


But Nayeon herself knows the dance isn’t easy.

In the behind-the-scenes for her Studio Choom performance, Nayeon decided to break down the choreography and gave detailed steps on how to hold your hands.

With this hand, make this rock to paper.

She gave clear instructions but was surprised when her “student” was able to pick it up quickly.

Nayeon revealed that it had taken her two days to learn, but some genius people can pick it up in one. She cited TWICE’s Momo as such a person.

Anyone who can do the hand choreography is a genius, according to Nayeon.

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