TWICE Gets Brutally Honest And Roasts Each Other In “Pass The Phone Challenge”

Like true besties, they’re not afraid to poke each other’s buttons! 😂

TWICE just joined the latest viral trend, the “pass the phone” challenge. In the video, participants announce who they’re about the pass the phone to with a hilarious, and usually ruthless, fact. Fans saw TWICE’s sisterhood bond on full display when Jihyo passed the phone to Nayeon, calling her “the member with the most damaged hair in TWICE.”

Nayeon returned it right back, calling her the “least smart member!”

Jihyo got a hysterical reaction from Jeongyeon when she passed her the phone and called her the “least pretty member.”

Jeongyeon attempted to roast Jihyo back, calling her the “shortest member,” but the others were left a little confused by that!

Jihyo then gave it to Nayeon, calling her the “member with the dirtiest nails.” It seems Jihyo is one of the best at the game, holding nothing back!

Nayeon took a moment to expose Jeongyeon as “the member without nails…”

…and Jeongyeon fired back at Jihyo as “the member who will have the biggest face.”

Don’t worry, it’s all a joke!

Watch the full video below.