TWICE’s Nayeon May Have Spoiled Her Own Solo Debut…Way Back In 2020

She may have given ONCEs a hint about her solo debut two years ago!

TWICE‘s Nayeon was recently announced to be the first member of the group to make her solo debut, and fans are so hyped!

Nayeon | @twicetagram/Instagram

Fans have been trending her name on Twitter, and have the most wholesome and exciting reactions to her upcoming debut!

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As the members of TWICE are known to be some of the biggest spoiler queens in K-Pop, many ONCEs were surprised that none of the members had spoiled Nayeon’s solo! The members were quiet about her solo debut, even though they’ve spoiled tons of other news, such as Jihyo spoiling Tzuyu‘s Instagram handle in her vlog!

Tzuyu and Jihyo | @twicetagram/Instagram

But fans soon realized that the members didn’t have to spoil anything, because Nayeon did it herself—two years ago! In a past live broadcast held in March 2020, TWICE had all gathered in their practice room (minus Tzuyu who was quarantining in Taiwan at the time), and showcased their fun and chaotic group energy!

In the middle of the live broadcast, Nayeon suddenly said that she had to leave to go record a song, and when Jihyo asked her about it, she slyly said that she couldn’t talk about it there!

I have to go. I have to go record a song! I can’t reveal what I’m recording here. I’ll go record and come back!


As this was a personal schedule for Nayeon, all the members expressed surprise, with Sana even commenting on how she never saw this on their schedule for the day!

I didn’t see it on the schedule!


The members then whispered among each other and came to an understanding, while Nayeon prepared to leave for her recording schedule. Jeongyeon then commented on her “secret” schedule, telling fans that Nayeon will be back soon!

Nayeon unnie is leaving to record a song. She’ll be back soon!


With her upcoming debut album having been announced, ONCEs are linking this moment to her solo, and can’t wait for new music from Nayeon!

You can watch the clip here!


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