TWICE Nayeon’s Stalker Makes Chilling Claim That He’ll Be Returning to Korea in July

“I am not a stalker. There is a lot of fake news about me on the internet.” – Josh

A German man named Josh, who is famously known as TWICE‘s Nayeon‘s stalker, just posted a long message on his official YouTube channel hinting at his return to Korea this coming July.

In the lengthy post reads as follows:

Hi. Can you please tell (TWICE) Nayeon something important? It’s me, Josh. I am not a stalker. I truly love Nayeon and I need to talk with her about my feelings. Please ask her to give me a chance to explain myself. Please. There is a lot of fake news about me on the internet. And please tell Nayeon that I will come back to Korea as soon as the travel restrictions caused by COVID-19 are lifted. (maybe already at the start of July)

– Josh

The message is typed over a photo that appears to be of Nayeon as well as himself, surrounded by a heart.

Since December of last year, Nayeon received stalking threats by the man named Josh, who even got on the same plane as Nayeon and caused a commotion.

TWICE Nayeon’s Stalker Said She Doesn’t Deserve Him, States He Feels JYP Has No Legal Grounds

This is after he took to social media to spread rumors about false exchanges and confessed that he made multiple attempts to get in touch with her.

Following the incident, JYP Entertainment criminally charged Josh for obstruction of business, but fans worry that he could begin threatening her once again.

Source: Dispatch


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